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Are there any hidden fees?

No. The fee we show you on each of our services pages is all you have to pay. You are always welcome to bring extra money should you want to buy souvenirs or give donations to the local community, but it is not required.

Should I give my guide a tip?

Bali does not really have much of a tipping culture like you may see in the United States. Of course, our guides do appreciate the gesture and if you want to give them a little extra for a job well done, it is entirely up to you, but it is not expected.

Can I trek Mt Batur without a guide?

No. Mt Batur is a protected site and the locals will not let you climb the volcano without a guide. Some travelers have even been harassed by aggressive locals for trying to attempt the hike without hiring one. We do not support this behavior, though it is a fact of life. Just be safe and hire a licensed trekking company, even if it isn’t us. Your experience will be much more satisfying when you have someone who knows the trails and best view points. Besides, you’ll also be helping the local economy.

Are your guides licensed?

Yes, all our guides are not only licensed, but are experienced and trained in first aid and the local culture.

Where can I read or write reviews for your company?

We love honest feedback. You can always let your guide know if you liked your trek and offer suggestions for improvement. If you wish to write a review online, you can go to Google or Trip Advisor (or both).

Is Mt Batur safe to trek?

Yes. Mt Batur is a live volcano, but it is not currently active. You may see lava and your meals will be cooked over steam from the volcano, but you are completely safe on this climb.

You may have heard that Bali’s other volcano, Mt Agung has been closed due to recent activity. Most of the hype was created by the media, but regardless, we have cancelled all Mt Agung treks until further notice. Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology of Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) has established a 9-12 kilometer safe zone around Mt Agung. Mt Batur, as well as your entire trek, is well outside of this area.

For more questions on volcanic activity and safety, please feel free to contact us here

Is camping allowed on Mt Batur?

Yes. We have a fantastic camping trek that allows you to see the spectacular sunrise and the amazing sunset atop Mt. Batur. Go here to read more details about camping on Mt Batur.

Do you do treks to Mt Agung?

Not at the moment. Gunung Agung is currently closed due to recent volcanic activity. You will get spectacular views of Mt Agung from the summit of Mt Batur, which is currently safe and open for climbing.

Will you guarantee that I will see a sunrise?

Unfortunately, views of the sunrise cannot be guaranteed, but those who have climbed Mt Batur and found the sun hidden by a blanket of clouds find the trek just as inspiring and fun as those who see the sunrise.

What if I get hurt?

Climbing Mt Batur is a very safe activity, but unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen. Our guides are trained in basic first aid and evacuation procedures. If your injury is serious, we’ll notify the mountain rescue team, which is fast and effective at getting people to safety. We’ll get you to a hospital if necessary and notify your next of kin.

Is Mt Batur an active volcano?

No. Mt Batur is not active, but it is live, though it hasn’t erupted since 2000. Indonesia’s Center for Volcanology of Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) currently lists Mt Batur as safe to climb.

What kind of shoes should I wear on the trek/river?

Hiking boots are fine, but not necessary. Most people climb in walking, running or sport shoes. It’s more important to bring a pair that can get dirty, muddy or wet. Wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to walk in. Please do not wear sandals or flips.

Can I drink the water in the rivers or lakes?

Drinking any water in Bali that isn’t bottled or otherwise filtered is not recommended.

Are the treks and rivers safe for children?

Yes. The only experience in which we do not allow children is our Mt Agung trek, which is currently closed.


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